Saturday, October 20, 2007

Master and Margarita


cree_ginga said...

Nice,nice me like..a tezi ,koito ti na men mi dade imash li nqkakvi kopiq ot tqh?ili tezi,koito sa tuk sa na computer praveni? haresvat mi opredelno..

Patrick Raines said...

here's that website of that business card printing place i was telling you about:
it's $28 for 1,000, but you can get more or less, and the prices are relative. that includes color on both sides, and the UV glossy coating, which is good to have. they're located in burbank, so i guess you could pick them up to save on shipping. i had mine shipped, but it wasn't very expensive. i don't know if they'll round off the edges, like you have on your cards now. hope this helps.